Experimental Narrative 263mc – Maps

In one of our recent lectures we began to look at maps and how information can be presented. An interesting map we looked at was the John Snow Cholera Map, which is an old map of soho. The sewage and water wasn’t good, and because of this there would be bad outbreaks. This map shows cholera which is waterborne. The black marks denote the number of deaths from cholera. John Snow collected this information and put it onto a map, showing who died, when and where. He put the ‘where’ on the map, and when he put them visually on a map he could see that they were clustering around a certain area. The mapping made people think and look at other causes of cholera. Most people didn’t actually have water in their houses – they would go to the pump on street to get water. John Snow thought that the pump in broad street was cause of most people dying. This information on the map persuaded tbe council to shut the pump down. Deaths then started to lesson. Staticians use this way of mapping, showing deaths on a physical topography of map of soho, which showed to people that the cause of infection was likely to be that water pump. Through the use of mapping, lots of things developed, including data analysis.

John Snow's cholera map of Soho

We also looked at a London Riots Map which shows incidents that happened in each area. The blue areas are more wealthy we could say, and the darker red areas are poorer areas. It was spread pretty widely across London, from Croydon to Hackney – to the m4 corridor. It doesn’t reflect badly on to the poorest areas either as there were some areas that are fairly wealthy where a fair amount of incidents occurred, not predominantly in the poorest areas. The data allows us to interrogate an event in an interesting way, with maps giving us another visual story, an impression of a slice of time.


We looked into different ways of telling/giving impression of an event or time, using maps as a new way of presenting events. We looked into Google Maps, Satellite, And Earth, and discussed how we could use them and create a mashup of media presentation techniques. We discussed how we could use Mozilla Popcorn, however felt that editing Google Maps worked well also. I also tried using Google Maps to create a personal map, attaching photographs or videos along with information to places I have been or taken photos in Coventry.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 14.53.48


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