Experimental Narrative 263mc – Bill Viola – The Reflecting Pool

Bill Viola- The reflecting pool was shot on 16mm film, with the effects done in analogue form. Moving image is able to control elements such as time, sound, light. The half-half split in screen space shows the perception of time, looking at time and the differences in time. Time is treated differently in each split – in video we could argue we have the ability to control time. It is not a conventional narrative as there are no story or words, but it is an experimental piece looking at time and how it can be expressed in split screen. The video gives us certain feeling, with the sounds and imagery denoting summertime. It is almost like entering into a garden – the water looks pleasant, and there is feelings of warmth, laziness, and time passing, with a powerful impact on a large screen. It is a relaxing and easy to watch film, and I liked the idea of playing with time.


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