Experimental Narrative 263mc – Arrivals And Departures

In this session of the module, we headed to Coventry’s very own Train Station to capture sounds and images in order to create a short experimental piece of work. We were to do this collaboratively, and I worked together with Madison Beach and Kellie Lock to create a different and interesting piece. We spent an hour at the train station recording audio and capturing video clips of our surroundings and of the people there, with the words/theme ‘Arrivals And Departures’ in mind. Once we had taken all of our footage and recorded our audio clips we headed back to university to create our piece together. We split into two teams and produced each aspect separately, with myself and Maddie working on the audio and Kellie piecing the video together. We decided that we wanted to approach the audio in a more musical way, and edited different sounds to create rhythms and tunes. While it was produced separately to the video, I feel it went considerably well with it, and coincidentally matched well with the video once it was all brought together. For a quick piece and a days work I felt happy with the outcome, and that it reflected the idea of arrivals and departures in a different and interesting way.


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